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sustainable fashion since 2015

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Sustainable fashion since 2015


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Fluorescent Green Cargo Pants

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About Us

Hi there! I'm Madeleine, owner and creator of EVOL 


I started EVOL in 2015, because I could never find the kind of designs I was looking for on the High Street, and I was (and continue to be!) shocked at the throwaway culture that seems to be infecting our fashion industry at the moment.

 You’ve been there. Walk down any High Street, and you’ll find it full of store selling cheap, mass produced, disposable stuff imported in bulk on huge ships which pollute our oceans. Next door to the fashion stores you’ll find charity shops selling last year’s fashions at knock down prices. Down the road is the dump, full of unloved and no longer fashionable (but perfectly wearable!) items that had outlived their usefulness. It’s madness!

 I wanted to buy clothes I liked without clogging up landfill or destroying the planet. I wanted to love and cherish my clothes and not toss them carelessly aside once something new came on the market. I wanted to make my own statement and NOT follow fashion.


Instead, I wanted to lead fashion and show that there was another way.

 All our products are manufactured in the Far East. But we only work with suppliers that can produce items individually. This means small manufacturers, not massive factories. Your item will NOT be mass produced and stored in huge warehouses before and after shipping.

 It will be made, in the traditional way, once your order has been placed. This will lead to a longer delivery time for you, but you can be happy that your item has been manufactured just for you.

It will be mailed direct to your home, cutting out the massive supply chains of ships, warehouses and chain stores that pollute our planet but add little value.

It will be a unique piece of clothing which will outlast the fads and fashions of today, and be something you will want to love and cherish.


I try to bring you a wide variety of unique clothing via sustainable production and transportation methods at affordable prices. 

It’s not that easy – I’m always in competition with the big boys or retail! – but I believe in what I do.

I love the culture and designs of East Asia, and I am striving to make sure that everyone around the globe can share and enjoy in my passion!

I hand pick all the designs myself. I love them, and I’m sure you will too!


Sustainable Fashion Since 2015

If you have any further questions or just wish to say hi, please reach out!

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